Hello and welcome!


Hello and welcome to FiveStarsAndAMoon!

Once upon a time (yes it always starts like this doesn’t it?) I started a blog in the hope of distilling economic and political knowledge into simple language and cartoons. This was done in the hope of raising awareness and interest of these areas with whoever is concerned. There is much to learn about the world around us and I enjoy discussing these with great interest.

Now – I have no political interests here. There is no Government system or policy that I support blindly, nor hidden agenda that I hope to achieve. I welcome anyone who disagrees or who have differing views to leave a comment or continue with intelligent debate. I frown upon nasty and brainless comments for these are things that demonstrate how immature we can be when given the freedom to speak.

Much of what is written here is done so in as simple English as possible, without fluff, big words or heavy statistics if I can help it. I’m considering adding in illustrations, but this will be in the future.

If you have any ideas on how this can be improved, feel free to let me know!


Benjamin Chiang,
2010, Orchard Emerald





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