Lim Swee Say’s Speech at East Coast GRC Rally.

Sure, a PAP rally is stale, antiseptic and tells you only of good things to come. But hey, they’re technocrats and that’s what the PAP is really good at – governing. Here are some excerpts from the Secretary-General of the NTUC Lim Swee Say.

Here are some key highlights of the rally (there is a lot more being said, but here are just some quick notes):

a.) There is concern about cost of living, the income gap, aging population etc. Singapore is not perfect, the world is not perfect. But we are committed to making SG a more perfect place in an imperfect world.

b.) Workers Party wants a first world Parliament. PAP wants a first world Government. Opposition wants more voices in Parliament, PAP wants more action in Parliament. Opposition wants less manufacturing, PAP believes manufacturing is crucial. Opposition wants to run down our reserves, PAP wants to preserve our reserves (that is all we have, no land, no oil, no resources…just people). Opposition wants unemplyoment beneifts, PAP believes the best benefit for it’s citizens is through employment… that is why we work so hard to create jobs.

c.) No matter what the outcome is in this election, no single opposition party will form enough seats to run the Government (even if they win them all). In such a scenario, what you will get is a coaliation government. This is akin to a bowl of rojak. Each party will want to pursue it’s pet project (minmum wage from one, lowered manufacturing from another). From a coalition government you will get rojak policies.

d.) Unemployment in other countries: USA – 9.5%, Europe – 8.5% other OECD (developed countries) – ~8%. And in Singapore – 1.9%

e.) Our wages are going up, but not going up fast enough. But we live in the real world, full of competitors. But even so, our wages do not loose out to other countries. We are not facing wage stagnation and our real wages are still positive.

f.) For that reason, Lim Swee Say asks businesses to be “Cheaper, Better, Faster“. Such a simple slogan, understood by many… however, opposition chooses not to understand it and to confuse the public. Opposition says we want “Cheaper, Better, Faster” workers – an outrages accusation that Lim Swee Say is not stupid enough hold. The “Cheaper, Better, Faster” slogan applies to products and services so that businesses can make more money for workers to enjoy better wages.

g.) GE is not about winning seats. It is about serving hearts. If elected and we do not carry out our words and actions, we will be destroying lives. Lim Swee Say hopes that anyone entering the field of politics realize the heavy responsibilities they shoulder – because you are dealing with the future and lives of Singaporeans and this is not game – don’t play, play!

h.) It is not in his intention to give up his seat to an opposition that is not smarter, better or more competent than him. So far he has not found such qualities in the opposition camp yet.

i.) On polling day, look at the two logos and consider carefully. Don’t make your decision on how much you’ve enjoyed the rallies over the past few days. There is better entertainment elsewhere. Choose the party that you know can secure the future for yourself and for your children.

Majulah Singapura!

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