Contribution from Ryan

A contributor by the name of Ryan claims to have seen the following on Facebook and would like to share, I’m reproducing his letter in part here:

“Hi Desmond, it’s a pity that I don’t live in Hougang and I’m not of age to vote. But Hougang voters, I would like to bring up a few points on why I think he is the most suitable candidate to be Hougang’s MP.

1) On accountability and transparency

The NCMP issue may not be central to this by-election, but it has clearly showed the flaws and poor party discipline of the opposition party. Campaigning on “accountability and transparency” last year, I find it ironic that WP has been so hesitant and wishy-washy to address this issue. Don’t let me get started on how Mr. Png constantly changes his rhetoric on his involvement in the NCMP and how the WP has been so inconsistent in their stand as well (especially for Yaw Shin Leong’s saga).

Moreover, if you can’t even manage your own party well (resignations, plagiarism and oh how can we forget the curious case of Dr Poh Lee Guan), how can you manage the 24, 560 lives of citizens living in Hougang?

2) On integrity and honesty
Pretty self-explanatory. It took a confidential material that was leaked to the press for Mr. Png to be “honest”.

3) On ability
Businesses (albeit not very successful ones) aside, what has Mr. Png done to serve and understand the people living in Hougang? Why vote someone with very little experience on the grounds? Desmond has proven himself to be capable, and for the past year and has actively created schemes to help the residents in Hougang.

Remind me again, how much has your ex-MP done for you?

Going by this logic, isn’t it time to keep WP in check and accountable when its ex-MP has been so irresponsible? Isn’t it time for people power (the voters) to punish WP and keep them in check? Otherwise, isn’t this a double standard which implies that it is NOT OK when PAP makes a mistake, but alright when the opposition does? Shouldn’t the WP be held accountable for its disappointments?

How about we stop punishing the citizens of Hougang by giving them what’s best–a leader who knows the ground, has proven himself capable in the past year and is passionate to serve.

So Desmond, thank you for your willingness to serve Singaporeans. I wish you all the best! I hope citizens in Hougang can give Desmond a chance to prove himself. If he fails, by all means vote him out and let him be accountable during the next GE.”

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