Curious debate on timing of by-election

It’s a rather curious phenomenon that some people are blaming the PM for unduly delaying the by-election.

My take is this: As PM of Singapore, he needs to balance the interests of the country and interests of a specific group of people. There are pressing national issues to consider, and we have no quarrels that these are important and urgent matters.  


This includes PM’s own engagement with the people on Facebook to know what the majority of Singaporeans are thinking and feeling.  He has exercised judgment and called for the by-election.

WP also exercised their own judgment and expelled a party member they think is not falling in line. That is their right.  

But in doing so, they did not consider the interests of the Hougang residents and left them without an MP.  They did not consider the interests of the country, by pressing for by-elections when there are more pressing national issues that will impact a larger community of Singaporeans. They only thought of themselves – “I have kicked out a member, and now it is PM’s responsibility to quickly replace one for me.”

So it’s really quite baffling why people would point the finger at PM, when the need for a by-election was created by WP themselves…

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