Singapore Politics | Hougang BE: The Drama So Far

So tomorrow is cooling off day hor? Aiyah, tomorrow there will be no chance for me to talk liao, so better I post now. Once all the music (or noise) stops tonight, we will see who gets to sit on this hot, hot seat in Hougang.

(yah, something like that)

Drama, so much drama in this elections. Reading Facebook nowsadays better than watching Channel 8. Let’s see what are the highlights of this rare by-election.

1.)    人在座,天在看。What. Wrong meh? Oh, oh…sorry ah, my Chinese no good. I don’t mean that got certain people sit down for 20 years never do anything.

(but don’t anyhow talk about heaven ah, later kena struck by lightning)

2.)    Png-NCMP saga

(Png: “Let me explain…”)

3.)    Denise Phua says bloggers have more power than elected MPs

(And we don’t need no Party Whip)

4.)    Yaw Shin Leong’s sudden apology

5.)    Informant within WP exposing Png’s business failures

(Careful with your explanations Png….)

WP keep saying that gahmen punish Hougang residents by not building shelters, upgrading lifts and making the place look beautiful. But Town Council they jaga one what. Money they jaga also what. How come Desmond can in such short time raise so much money to do so many things? And Worker’s Party Town Council cannot do in 20 years?

(Commercial Break: Your friendly Opposition leader is also a contractor)

Exciting right? Don’t you just love politics? But how? Saturday must chose someone wor~ Aiyah, over here, we cannot suggest who you should vote for. I believe in your heart you know who is the best liao.

If tonight you free ah, tonight at 7pm there are two rallies hor – one hammer, one lightning. Each one very near to each other only. See one… walk a little bit and maybe see the other,.

(and if it rains, please go and “poh loh soh” your friendly town council to make one of these)

Saturday – is judgement day: Hougang voters, you guys hold the power. The rest of Singapore will be watching eagerly!

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