Hougang: Upgrades

“Hate is more lasting than dislike” – Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party

If you look at opposition selling stories, they’re all themed around hate, anger and rebel rousing. They are using the age old tool: make people angry, harness negative energies, then use this to fulfill their purposes. Is it little wonder why they don’t discuss what they intend to do about national problems, propose risk management plans or even round up their own resources to make a real difference to the people’s lives in a constituency?

Is there a reason why they do not want their ideas challenged in an official setting, but instead work up emotions, get people obsessed with problems,  paint a scenario that each individual cannot do anything about his/her life (except through voting them) ?

Today, a well known figure of the worker’s party has again roused up issues from 15 years ago, instead of acknowledging the changes and improvements today. They claim to be victimized by the government and thus unable to make improvements to the estate.

Well, of course she’s saying all this… It is not in the agenda of any political party to make life easier for an opposing force.

But having that said, the Ministry of National Development HAS given funds to the Hougang Town Council for upgrading. Why they never made use of these funds is up to personal interpretation and imagination.

Here’s a quick look at the issue of upgrades in Hougang:

1) Why has there been no estate upgrading in Hougang?

Since Desmond is not in-charge of the Town Council yet, this issue is beyond his control as the estate is still maintained by the Worker’s Party Hougang Town Council and they will have the final say.

2) Why are there no sheltered linkways in the Hougang estate?
It is observable that there is a lack of sheltered linkways in the constituency but the town council has received funding from MND and again, they have the final say of building such facilities.

3) When is the lift upgrading programme to take place?
Lift upgrading will be performed in 1- 2 months, regardless of whether this is an opposition ward or not. But do note lift upgrading needs 75% votes in order to carry out.

Granted. An elections is not merely about upgrades and freebies. It has never been and the bigger picture is always about the national agenda of making lives better, safer and more stable for us all.

The upgrades being promised merely show the ability of the People’s Action Party to deliver because together, the people and the country have worked hard to make it possible.

(Source: All information from public domain)

Post writing notes: And that btw, also explains why I do not advocate hate and anger. Anger is counter productive, arguments lead to nothing and hate simply serves to make life more miserable and bitter. 
 The Worker’s Party has advocated “Slapping the PAP”. My friends, I say if you’re slapped… then turn the other cheek. We’re doing this for the country and if we must be spat upon, so be it.

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