PAP Rally: Peh Chin Hua

It has been a while that a PAP rally was this electrifying.

Honest words from the heart were spoken.

Falsities were clarified. Sarcasm was abound to combat brutal accusations from the opposition. And most importantly: the party defended it’s position from an honest point of view.

And of all the speeches, one Peh Chin Hua caught my attention the most. Here are YouTube links and a highlight of the important parts of his speech:

– In 20 years, see how much the rest of Singapore has improved and see how little Hougang has improved. However, WP has blamed this lack of improvement on the Government. Excuse me, you’re the MP – how can you shift this blame on someone else? It doesn’t make sense!

– Desmond Choo is a good person. Good people are hard to find. Yaw Shin Leong was also praised to be a good person… where is this good man now?

– Last night WP spoke in Hokkien, Teochew, Chinese… they think that the PAP are all goody-two-shoes and unable to do this!

– Talk is cheap. You’re talking in rallies, you’re talking in Parliament and at the end of it all what happened? (crowd shouts “zho bo”, “no action”!) No action! It’s not as if we’re slandering them…. they really have nothing to show!

– Ok, I admit, Low Thia Kiang has installed a few toilets at the void decks…yes, I agree that’s a good thing to do. But what else? Where are your other projects?! You can’t deliver and you blame it on the Government?!

– We want to look for a good opposition, but it’s really not easy. Mr. Low has gone so far and we must acknowledge this. An opposition is good for the country and this we must thank him for a good job.

– Once upon a time, Mr. Low sang praises of Mr. Yaw. Now he sings praises of Mr. Png. But hey, you can’t sing praises at your whims and fancies! You can’t fool Hougang residents! He once said Mr. Yaw is a responsible, brave man….oh yeah, one that is so responsible and brave that he disappeared overseas?!

– Mr. Desmond Choo is a “clean” and responsible man (playing with Hokkien rhyme)

– WP says Desmond cannot be independent because of a Party Whip. What does WP know? They’re not us! We DARE to do, we DARE to speak, we DARE to take action and we’re responsible for our actions!

– And when a PAP MP speaks, we’re not like the Worker’s Party, just scold, spit and hiss. We don’t need an elected MP to do all that, you can do this on the internet at home on your own!

– Let’s vote for a change. Try him out for 4 years. I assure you he’ll be better than Png Eng Huat. In 4 years if you think he’s doing worse than Png, Yaw or Low Thia Kiang. I will not dare show up in Hougang. I’ll admit defeat.

– Last night Chen Show Mao said, “The gods are watching what men are doing”…oh yeah, I’m sure we didn’t know that.

– Running this country is not an easy task. Do we remember when Tunku Abdul Rahman kicked us out? We had nothing! We held on tight and held on until today, the PAP will be here with you and we’re not going anywhere!

– This country has nothing, metal, gold, rubber? We don’t even have water! We only have two things that are free: air and sunshine! Nothing else! We’ve got no animals, no food…so where do we get our food from? We make the money for it!

– Look at our currency, always on the rise. Peso, Pound, American dollars, Ringgit…once upon a time, we’re one to one with the Ringgit… but today? How are we able to do all this?

– They say we have no democracy? How did Low Thia Kiang get into Parliament then? We have no democracy? How did the 5 opposition MPs get voted in? But we can’t take our democracy for granted!

– I won’t say that the PAP is 100% flawless…but I dare say we’re not doing too bad! Is the Worker’s Party doing better than us? NO!

– So for better Hougang…for a more beautiful Hougang, for a Hougang that the country is proud of: Vote Desmond Choo. Give him ONE chance, one chance to get into Parliament to work for you!

There is a lot more that he said, and in the colourful Hokkien he uses, a lot of context, emotion and strength weakens when translated to English.

Whilst the rest of Singapore is being politicized, the PAP is also slowly regaining it’s political skills.

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