Potong Pasir: What did the Sitoh Yipin do?

One of the lies that you’ll hear from the opposition camp is: “Look at Potong Pasir – NOTHING is done after voting Sitoh in!”

Nothing can be further from the truth, and if you’re one of those who couldn’t care less for politics and just want to see improvements in your estate and the needy receive their help, look no further than Potong Pasir as a model of change.

Lift upgrading for 48 Blocks of Housing
48 blocks have also been upgraded on the lift and this renovation project is scheduled for completion in 2014.

LED Bulbs installed
Over the past year, public places in this district have been put on LED energy saving light bulbs (which are brighter also).

Actively organize fund-raising for the needy
Distributed rice, oil, sugar & daily necessities to the 200 households on time every month. These namely rice, oil, sugar and essential items for the needy families, he is referred it as “Rose Project”.

Other charity programs
The new MP has also raised welfare funds for distribution as aid and grants to residents in need.

Talks for Elderly
It is revealed that half of all residents are aged over 50, the party is also working with Tan Tock Seng Hospital to give lectures/talks on health for the elderly in this district

These are amongst some of the many, many projects that PAP Potong Pasir has put into place already. There is also ground knowledge that the upgrades that they have received are free – we cannot verify this officially, don’t quote us: it’s just news from the ground we have heard.

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