Problems with the PAP

We’ve been singing so many praises about Desmond Choo and the PAP. Let us be fair and open to criticism yes?

Yesterday, the Worker’s Party on the ground was chanting “Pay And Pay” repeatedly. I guess that just about sums up why people are unhappy – these are citizens with real problems and face real financial difficulty trying to make ends meet.

Every cent that goes up in transportation, every dollar that goes up in school fees, every dollar that goes up in electricity bills – we feel the pinch.

Every foreigner that comes in, is an opportunity cost for us.

The PAP knows all this.

And what about the middle class? We need affordable housing. We desire low COEs. We want good jobs that pay well to support their family (and of late, we want the MRT to bring us to work on time).

The PAP that controls todays Government knows all this.

The men-in-white are not evil people. It is not an evil organization. This Government is not foolish enough to make Singaporeans unhappy with them and cause instability.

They’re not stupid either, they’re not fools and this organization possess the discipline and wherewithal to make things work.

We like to say that they’re up there, looking down and loosing touch with the ground. But on the other hand, down here on the ground – things look so easy to solve. “Why don’t you just stop the foreigners coming in”?, “Why don’t you just make HDB cheaper”?, “Why don’t you just get rid of the COE, we don’t think it’s working”?

Do we honestly think it is as easy as it seems?

Let’s face it, and this is the truth. The men-in-white are terrible at selling their policies. Everyday we see internet tabloids screaming with cringing headlines. That is why I believe they need all the help they can get.

And this is also the reason why I’m writing so hard – I know they they can make things work, and ultimately make Singapore a better, safer, more stable, more creative AND a kinder place to live in for me, you and all other Singaporeans.

Even the hardest of all opposition supporters (I know) believe this. Even the Worker’s Party themselves know this and have said it. And deep down, I believe you know it too: that the People’s Action Party are the ones who can actually run this country and make things happen.







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