The alternative in the alternative

there is talk about whether WP is being totally honest. the people have a right to know and WP owes an explanation. The alternative in the alternative


just like: why WP expelled YSL?  we are NOT asking whether YSL had an affair or not.

we are asking WHY did WP expel YSL.  because he had an affair?  or just because he didn’t turn up for MPS?

Why doesn’t anyone question these things?  Should Hougang residents ask:  What did YSL do that was so serious they had to expel him and leave the entire estate without an MP?

Could certain Hougang residents be blindly supporting WP?  What alternatives voice are they talking about if they don’t stand on the side of reason and ask critical questions, when there’s a need to ask them?

if the people’s faith and support in the WP is blind, then there is no alternative voice.  it’s just blind faith, then the call for a First World Parliament becomes a joke.

We need a REAL alternatives voice to the one that is just posing as an alternative.


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