Who is Desmond Choo and what has he done?

So who is Desmond Choo and why vote for him?

– Deputy Director with the Youth Development Unit, NTUC

– Executive Secretary of the Union of Security Employees and serves with the Singapore Port Workers Union

– Helps workers on workplace issues and advocates better employment conditions. He partners companies to implement reemployment and productivity-improvement initiatives.

What has he done and wants to do?

– Pay attention to Local Healthcare and Social Assitance for poor, elderly and under-privileged (already in place)

– Job Placement Center (already built)

– Foster community spirits through engagement (already in place)

– Improve facilities and introduce new amenities

Despite being unsuccessful in his election bid, Desmond has delivered:

1a) New scheme to provide free hearing aids for Hougang elderly

1b) Offers free Teochew porridge to Hougang residents every Sunday morning

1c) Intends to set up mobile TCM clinic or free clinic corner for the elderly residents

2) Set up Job Hub to help Hougang residents find work.
It aims to match them with jobs they can reach within half an hour, so they save on transport

3) Weekly “Coffee Session”, Resident Party and regular house visits

4.) Project Hope was launched aiming to aid needy families in Hougang. Project Hope centre was officially launched on 23rd April by (then) Minister George Yeo & MrDesmond Choo. Project HOPE is run by SRJC Community Champion Council (CCC) 14 students.

Other notes:

– With a large elderly population in Hougang, Mr Choo saw the need to better cater to their specific needs, like replacing squatting toilets for sitting ones at the home of the elderly.

– Pledged to lobby hard for a new market for the Hougang residents. Critics say that that the Government was the one to demolish it. But this shows that we need PAP MPs to whip the Government into shape and deliver more for the people.

– As a Union leader, Desmond is very much in a position to fight for worker’s rights. He has the resources to get things done quickly – which goes to explain the speed of which the Job Center got setup


*The source of this information is from public domain.

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