Yaw Shin Leong’s Apology

Finally the invisible man apologized.

Yaw Shin Leong, actual photo

So today, he finally break radio silence and has the following to say “Dear voters (voters ah, not Singaporeans, not residents) the memories of 9 months (9 months?!) serving you has been most valuable. I take pride in being able to serve you, though for a short period of time”.

What is this? Break up letter ah?

Don’t like that leh bro, you suddenly like that come out make everybody very “pai zho” you know? Not only PAP difficult, your WP also difficult. Want to say sorry say earlier lah, now everyone very suspicious about everything how?

Very scary when things are late

Check this out, people in Hougang now say that PAP forced YSL to resign. Some say that YSL is undercover PAP insurgent. Some say his mistress is undercover insurgent. Some say he should take out his mattress from home as evidence, Malaysia/Anwar style.

Ha, ha… some even say that the entire Worker’s Party is setup by the PAP to give them an “un-credible opposition”. Which is total rubbish.

Nevermind, we now tell you why Hougang is having a by-election (BY-election ah, not BI-election, that means can vote one only not two, don’t be greedy) :

–    YSL kena exposed for extra marital affairs (with how many people and with who, is still unclear as that info is gagged by his party)

–    YSL stopped attending his “meet-the-people’s session” and all constituency meetings

–    Many weeks later, YSL was abruptly fired by his party

–    Finally he confirm to Parliament “mai zho liao”. Just like kopi-tiam, eat finish must let people sit. Ah, so now there’s a vacant seat.

Thereafter he quietly disappears from the country, “no sound, no picture” (as we say in Hokkien).

And as they also say in Hokkien, zho swee swee lah. Apologise, early….clarify. Like that people shiok, then it will really be like first world parliament.

Ok ok, we are not here to suan the man. He’s not the only one lah hor, 44 other man also kena similar case.

But the important things is, he’s apologized, so let’s move on yes?!(hmm…familiar, where have I heard this before?)


Wait, wait…before I go off, here at FiveStarsandAMoon (eh, admin, sibeh long leh this name) we must be entertaining right? So here’s a little video to “deligate” to every reader this beautiful morning!

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