Fast facts you want to know! (A growing list)

Here are a few fast facts about our island you might find interesting:

fun facts

–    CPF is not invented by the Singapore Government. It is a legacy of the British (it’s called National Insurance today in the UK)

–    HDB is running billion dollar deficits providing homes to Singaporeans

–    98% of the Singapore is employed. Considered full employment by economical standards

–    Town Councils are run by the respective MPs

–    MediFund provides for needy Singaporeans who are unable to pay for medical fees. You will not be refused treatment in a public hospital

–    If you are homeless, MCYS will provide you shelter. For desperate cases and destitutes, they decide how much you want to pay, even if it is 50 cents

–    There is zero absolute poverty in Singapore

–    There is a ton of welfare/charity services and aid provided by the CDCs. Including short term monetary help for reinstating utility bills and emergency cash

–    Over 90% of Singaporeans own their own houses

We’ll add to this list as time goes by….

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