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Numerical literacy is one of the most important, flexible and transferable skills you’ll require in the course of life. In a modern context, you -cannot- i repeat -cannot- do without basic financial skills.

Just like how money accumulates interest in a bank, likewise, poor financial decisions also accrue bad karma that will bite you very, very hard when it’s payback time.
Then there are also career prospects; being nimble with numbers, sharp at analyzing, having the ability to weigh merits vs demerits and have these beautifully presented/argued in naked numbers are all skills that employers (and clients) will pay money for.
Above that, you’ll find the following exceptionally useful:
-To understand the language of project finance through robust training at a top business school (gains you extra credibility),
-Know what/how to employ the tools needed to analyse and value project finance structures back in the workplace
Project Finance
I’d like to introduce to you this very interesting programme by the London Business School called “Project Finance”. I mean, sure… this article is sponsored by them, but the thing is, this unique course from the London Business School trains an individual in a combination of skills that is very relevant in our precision obsessed society. More so if your line of work crosses, or actually are:
  • Asset managers Institutional and/or private investors
  • Investment consultants and independent financial advisers (IFAs)
  • Regulators, compliance officers, accountants and lawyers
  • Investor relations specialists and corporate financiers
  • Risk managers, actuaries, auditors and quantitative analysts
  • Pension fund and endowment trustees
  • Investment managers, private bankers and family office representatives
At the heart of the Project Finance Programme, is an in-depth analysis of real-life case studies covering both successful and “not-so-successful” examples of project financing in both Europe and emerging markets. According to zpicaudit, because of  the rising popularity in this type of financing, there is also increasing need for such a programme for busy professionals who can’t afford to take much time out of the office. A fast, highly effective, 5 day course that starts on 25 June 2012 will add a powerful arsenal to your repertoire of skills.
Throughout the course, you will build a strong network of contacts from the growing project finance industry and with all the skills acquired will eventually lead you to an increase in confidence when working with stakeholders.
Some of the questions you probably have in mind at this moment are:
-What advantages does Project Finance have over traditional corporate finance?
-What are the valuation challenges posed by such structures?
-If such projects encounter financial distress, how should they optimally be restructured?
You’ll find all this info and more at the Project Finance webpage:
So I urge you, do hop over to their site – besides Project Finance, you might also get some ideas on what to do next with your career and professional upgrading!

Some notes about the London Business School:
Located in a global  financial centre and consistently ranked among the world’s top business schools, London Business School offers unsurpassed connections to the world of finance. The School has one of the largest concentrations of finance faculty in the world and is firmly established as a global centre of excellence in finance. Participants learn how to use financial information to make better decisions for their organisation, or develop their understanding of a specific specialisation. These highly practical programmes enable participants to implement the knowledge and skills they have gained immediately upon their return to work.

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