Garment giving out money again, 10q

Wah… Garment giving out free money leh… Received a letter in my letterbox today and was pleasantly surprised to receive some U-Save voucher :)

The 1st thought that came to my mind is “Not Bad, can help me to reduce my utility bill for this month!”, however the 2nd thought the came to my mind is “Wah, so little. where got enough?  moreover it’s a one off thing. Everything is so expensive now, how to survive???”

Seems like we humans are never satisfied with what we have and will always want more for ourselves. Being a parent, I can appreciate the important of proper budget allocation since everybody’s resources are limited. Thus it make sense to allocate more to people to need it more than me :)

Keep up the good work and keep the rebate coming, haha.
p.s. Here’s a recap of all benefits for 2012


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