More action for PME Workers

Consider these issues:
  • Employee has a police case pending. She has been made to resign
  • Freelancer has taken 50% deposit. Customer cancels project and wants it back
  • Employee made to sign contract agreeing not to work for competitor for 5 years
  • Employee asked to resign due to cost cutting measures
  • Employee paid CPF but not his full salary, employer holds salary indefinitely
  • Freelancer finishes work, employer holds pay for months promising to pay soon
  • Foreign company folds up and disappears, local employees unaware and suddenly out of job
Do you know what your rights are in your work place? Would you know if you’re in the right or wrong, and what recourse to action you can take?
As our society progresses, the number of “PMEs” (Professionals, Managers and Executives) increase. We were quite pleased to learn that a new PME Unit was setup by the NTUC last September (headed by MP for Nee Soon, Patrick Tay). Amongst the new initiatives included this thing called:


Work Place Advisory


Pick up the phone, send in an email, download the smart phone app or use LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter channels – there is no need to go to expensive lawyers anymore for consultancy. Full time lawyers from the NTUC will help you with your questions, provide advice and possibly followup action. The cost? A grand total of $0. (Ok, that’s not entirely true. You still have to pay that $9 per month to be an NTUC member that’s all)
So in short – you got problem, go and find this Work Place Advisory on the internet, you can easily get their contact info on the NTUC page ( or download the application here:
We hope to cover more stories later on as to how this department has assisted workers in fighting for their rights.

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