Jobless in Hungary

Strawberry Generation

We all know that Europe is facing “some” problems with their economy. But what sort of problems are these? One of them is Jobless in Hungary. If you have the time, do have a read at what’s happening in Hungary.

If you’re too lazy to read, here’s a run through of the situation:

  • Government cutting state-funded university places by 40%
  • Students receiving state-sponsored places, must remain in Hungary for at least 10 years after graduation
  • Too many graduates chasing too few jobs
  • In short, young dreams are dashed prematurely, struggles to make a living in the future will follow

These are difficult situations that I hope may never come to our country. It’s not “fear mongering”, this is merely a lesson on what we should avoid. Jobs are important. Work is important. They’re the basic mechanisms to keep life running, and allow us the flexibility to pursue other things in life.


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