Pride or Prejudice

Pride or Prejudice

A Singaporean goes to the Olympics, after going through years of gruelling training and sacrificing her time and youth to bring glory to her nation on the international platform.

She triumphed with a bronze medal, not just through her own hard work and determination, but also with the tremendous support given from many other fellow Singaporeans, some of them personally trained with her.

But noone seems to be celebrating – becos she’s not born and bred in Singapore.

Instead of being proud of what Singapore has achieved, our people has chosen to dim the pride for our own country because of our prejudice against someone not born and bred here.

We complain about F1. We complain about YOG.  We complain about things that we do that strengthens and demonstrate our economic success.  We drag down the things we should have been proud of.

We forget.

For every Feng Tian Wei, there are possibly a thousand other born and bred Singaporeans working hard behind the scenes making it possible.

For every F1 race, there are also another possibly thousand other born and bred Singaporeans sweating and toiling for it to be possible.

For every attempt to be economically successful and put Singapore in the international space, we strengthen ourselves as an international member so that our little red passport continues to allow us recognition and easy access anywhere in the world.

Shouldn’t we be proud of these?

Or we rather let them drown in our own prejudices.

I’m not proud of Feng Tian Wei for just what Feng Tian Wei achieved.  I’m proud of Singapore for putting us in 3rd place of table-tennis in the Olympic Games.



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