Industrial Action, in Action – a legal fight by NTUC

Today, the NTUC Legal Services Team fought on behalf of the UWEEI (United Workers of Electronic and Electrical Industries) at the Industrial Arbitration Court.



Here’s what happened:

  • 98 workers were retrenched
  • The company refused to pay Union demands of 1 month salary per completed year of service


The company argued that there was no signed Collective Agreement – and hence, insisted that payment of 2 weeks (per year of service) was generous enough. They further added that the company was making losses and were unable to pay the union’s requested amount of 1 month (per completed year of service).


Justice Chan Seng Onn delivered verdict and demanded Company to make payment.


FYI – a Collective Agreement usually takes between 3 months – 2 years. This is a victory for the workers, the Labour Movement and another victory for peaceful, non-disruptive action.

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