Letter: How to get more to marry

Here is a letter from Mr. Edmund Sim, a wedding photographer

Very often we hear of younger Singaporeans not getting married and starting a family earlier. In my quest as a wedding photographer I have provided many a service to celebrating couples and more often than not, I question myself: “when it will be my turn”?

Let us be fair

Most Singaporeans I have met tend to be very family orientated. It is true that most are sincere in relationships. They are looking for long lasting love. Perhaps in their love journey they are just being careful which makes them selective in choosing a life partner.

So how?

For starters, let’s encourage those who are married…to stay married. According to SingStat.gov.sg, there are about 7000 couples filing for divorce in 2011. Is there anything we could do to help them? Should friends and family members encourage them to continue their relationship or to seek divorce? Everyone’s story is different, but there could be certain characteristics that we could handle.

Bring the singles together

I was browsing through the Social Development Network website and I have to be critical on their Personnel Search. Let me explain.

Firstly, the database is sorted alphabetical order. So if my name is Zack – tough luck. There are about 2000+ profiles ahead of my name (even if search is narrowed by ‘Interest’, ‘Age’, ‘Weight’, ‘Height’ – in whatever combination). Lastly, there is a lack of marketing to drive more visits to their website and to encourage a user to keep his/her profile updated. Some commercial dating websites send a daily update on who had browsed my profile and they help active members get more exposure.

Make early childhood education better

When it comes to early childhood education, I have to admit that kids from Private schools adopting a certain methodology are more mature and able to express themselves better. The kids are easier to manage and educate. I know of parents spending close to $1000 a month to send their 1-4 year olds to these schools. So why can’t PCF adopt these methodology and subsidised by the Government? I do believe that everyone should have equal opportunity especially at the kids’ tender age.

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