Letter from Readers: “Hussain” from Facebook

We received the following letter from a reader with the name of “Hussain”, who originally posted this message on a Facebook page titled “Forgive Amy Cheong”. The post gathered 15k “likes”, however the page was deleted today, so along with it went his post.

Here it is reproduced in full for you:


What you did was wrong, but we have forgiven you.

I’m a Malay and honestly, I was not offended by her remarks. It might be because I am far more tolerant but it is also because I’ve seen or heard racist comments far worse than her’s, most of which did not receive the same kind of backlash that Amy was given.


What she did was wrong, nonetheless, and the backlash, along with her sacking, may be well-deserved. Still, even her punishment must have it’s limits, especially when the words thrown at her were equally, if not more, racist than her remarks.


I am honestly ashamed by how my fellow Malays behave after she has been fired, especially since most of us are also Muslims. We were taught in our religion to be tolerant, peaceful and forgiving, yet our continued actions against Amy Cheong even after her sacking clearly shows how much we learn from such lessons. How are we any different from her if we throw at her the same kind of words she threw at us? What does revenge solve?


Throughout Monday, I witnessed most of my family and friends revel in their dark side, using words they otherwise never used or making threats which they once swore never to make. I could barely recognise them. I tried to console some of them but they prefer their hatred over their sense of forgiveness. Some even said that her death is the only way to calm them down, apparently being fired and universally hated was not enough.


Seriously people, calm down. Did she mass murder a group of Malays? Did she kill your Malay best friend? Only our pride was hurt, not our lives. Why threaten her so severely?


I ask that any fellow Malays and Muslims reading this to stay their anger and remember to forgive over hate. She’s got her punishment so leave her be. I would also ask non-Malays and non-Muslims offended by the incident to do the same.


And to Amy, I hope you take this as a valuable lesson. I hope you can move on from this unfortunate incident and see to your actions in the future.”








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