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This is a letter from “Concerned Singaporean”:


I read Mr. Seah Kian Peng’s reply to Ms. Yolanda Chin’s earlier letter about her parking woes (Give and take, not ‘principled’ approach, 2nd November 2012)

It is apparent that Ms. Chin had sought Mr. Seah’s help earlier on, and I believe she could not get help, as she desired. It is clear that this frustration has led her to attempt to discredit Mr. Seah when he intervened at a grassroots event to prevent residents from getting booked.

At events, it is common to see special arrangements for parking. We see that at marathons, school charity sales, car park boot sales, NDP, so on and so forth. So what Mr. Seah did was not wrong and should actually be applauded.

I think people like Ms. Chin should learn to separate facts from personal unhappiness. If you illegally parked and get fined, you cannot expect that you should be pardoned as if you are organising a grassroots event benefiting residents. If that was the case, I can park in the middle of Orchard Road and claim qualified privilege like I am organising Swing Singapore.

Concerned Singaporean

Cc: TRE, TOC, Five Stars and a Moon, Fabrications about PAP


For your evaluation if the “light touch” was done fairly or not, have a look at the links provided above and some of the public comments we have trawled around for your consideration:


“I was with my sister during the meet the people sessions with Mr Seah. There are 3 points I wish to clarify in regards to my MP’s response.

1)My sister and I did NOT see him about noise disturbances. He brought that issue up and both of us told him we’ve no problems in that area.
2)We asked Mr Seah for help to organize a session for the stakeholders to discuss the traffic issue but he declined. However, he did offer to attend the meeting if my sister and I could go gather and organize the stakeholders ourselves. (We did try but realized mid-way that the task was beyond what the 2 of us could handle and so we abandoned the project.)
3)The give and take approach was what prompted my sister and I to see Mr Seah in the first place. I felt LTA’s daily presence was making the situation worse. To this, we were told to leave our cars in less congested streets and that it was beyond the MP’s jurisdiction to stop LTA from enforcing traffice rules.

On one occasion, I spotted a LTA warden just before he was going to book a resident’s vehicle. Despite telling him the owner was a resident, he issued a ticket. He patiently explained, and I understood, that he was just carrying out orders because of the traffic situation.

I share my sister’s frustration when we saw the garden party parking incident unfold and I stand by her and her letter” – Yvonne Chin
“”What is the double standard? That some cars that were ostensibly illegally parked were not booked when other times they are? That gets you all hot under the collar? what about sometimes jay-walkers are summoned, and other times they get away scot free? If you want to talk about absolute fairness in the world, there is no such thing. My priorities are for people to behave maturely and not throw legalities at each other. If that is a wrong priority to you, then so be it. If you and your sister truly supported the give and take approach, then why did her letter mention the garden party incident? I would think that she would have been in favour of what Mr Seah did. There seems to be a disconnect between what you are saying and your sister’s actions in writing to Today” – Mark Wong



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