A “liveable” environment is not “live-able”

Strawberry Generation

liveable or live-able? The independence of our country was thrust upon us during our most vulnerable years – while history continues to record our endeavours to survive and prosper as a sovereign and independent nation, much of what we have left from our past are progressively recoated with a ‘veil of ignorance’.

Despite being a small country, Singapore must seek to maintain its freedom and sovereignty through establishing a sense of relevance that goes beyond maintaining bilateral ties through the function of goodwill or friendship between different countries.

Over the years, we’ve progressed towards a first world economy and had created a political and economic domain that has little place for our heritage and culture to mature progressively through our pursuit towards modernity.

In this article, I want to address a concern for an online deliberation to take place. The need for society to progress should nurture an environment that is attractive not only because of our economic accomplishments, but to succeed in our unique ability to cooperate as a multicultural society.

Our society should not be maintained as a “live-able” environment that relates to the world, but should allow the world a chance to relate to our “liveable” environment – to relate or to associate with our way of life that is uniquely Singaporean.

What I am suggesting, is the need for us to present our unique way of life as a means to attract a sustained interest with our country’s ability to be categorically-relevant in all aspects of our societal development.

May our entrepreneur spirit or an artist interpretation to exhibit her art be easily notable as distinctively Singaporean? If it comes a day when Singapore has lost its competitiveness to be strategically attractive to the world, what will Singapore have to offer to a diverse world with many vibrant cultures and heritage to share? Last but not least, what would our perennial foreign policies have to offer to maintain our global ties or friendship?

I am leaving this article with these open-ended questions to kick start an online deliberation. Please feel free to discuss or to share your thoughts candidly.

“Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.” – Kant Immanuel

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