3,600 School Cleaners Get Pay Hike

Tripartism | 3,600 School Cleaners Get Pay Hike

Last year, we have heard many calls from different segments of society asking for a pay rise to low wage workers. The Government, the NTUC, professors Lim Chong Yah and Tommy Koh amongst others.


Through tripartite action, MOE employed school cleaners will be enjoying a $300 pay hike, bringing their salary up to at least $1000.


This is but a start – the NTUC has set a target to raise the salaries of low-wage workers, at least 10,000 cleaners will earn wages of at least $1000 by 2015.


This is however, not a blind pay increase – productivity was realised as part of the negotiation package. Training courses relating to cleaning, chemicals, the operation of cleaning machines and safety practices reduces the need for more manpower and streamlines productivity. Save more time, save more resources, save more money, pay workers better.


Do you know any school cleaner that has enjoyed this increase? Speak with us, we would like to know more about their lives, what they do and how this has benefited their lives.


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