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The following letter was written to us by a person who prefers to remain anonymous. He is a social worker in the East Coast region.

I refer to your story on the woman at Blk 419 Bedok North St.1, level 6.

I am a volunteer with social work in the East Coast region, and I am aware of Mdm. K** and her situation.

We have tried on several occasions to assist Mdm. K** with assistance, however we are unable to help her with her requests. You see, she is a hoarder and have been collecting so much in her apartment that the East Coast Town Council put up a friendly warning that her junk could be turning into a fire hazard. She has so much collected she has difficulty opening her living room door. Because of this, she explained to us that she has been in conflict with the town council. The town council is torn between allowing her to keep her things or to prevent a health, safety and fire hazard.

We have helped to refer her to the CDC on various occasions, however it is not certain if she has accepted any offers of assistance.

There is more than meets the eye – this woman needs more than financial assistance, she needs care, friends and medical help.

Note: She is not homeless, she has a home on the (1Xth) floor that she can’t go back to because there’s just too much junk in there…)

Social Worker


Editor, below is a transcript of a post on FB by EDMW:

“Sad story of a needy Singaporean. Please help spread awareness and highlight it to her MP and social services.

Allegedly the town council confiscated her possessions and the CDC gave her “nothing but a packet of milk” when approached for help.

This poor old homeless lady survives by collecting scraps like garang kuni. She sleeps along the corridor outside her last time foster parents house which is now occupied by a malay couple. It’s not a good life. The malay man uses his cigarette to burn holes in her clothes which she hangs outside. Like wtf, she’s alr homeless, wtf you want w her. She seeked help from thr police, only to be suspected as an illegal immigrant. The town council even confiscated her 6 luggage of clothings and scraps and sold them of themselves. 

The corridor she sleeps at, if I’m not wrong, is at Blk 419 Bedok North St1, level 6.

WTF, SHE WORKED HARD FOR ALL THOSE JUST TO MAKE A LIVING FOR HERSELF, WHAT’S WRONG W YOU GUYS. She sought the fucking useless MP and minimal effort to help her was given. She has a tumor somewhere near her stomach, and has to wear a diaper. She travels from bedok to bukit batok to give food to her blind foster father who is also abandoned. She eats the leftovers of others and shivers at night when it’s cold. She keeps saying she’s old alr, she’s only staying into this world for her foster parents. She haven’t bathed for some time. This photo is taken outside my house when I invited her over to take a shower. This is all I can do for her, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE GOVERNMENT DOING?!

Via Ivan Svern Low, near Kampong Kembangan”

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