Birthrate and Marriage

Birthrate and Marriage

On the topic of marriage and children, we’d like to start here: history shows that no amount of government initiatives will encourage couples to have babies. Not more welfare, not more incentives. Political material will have you think that more welfare, more flexibility in work and more money will improve fertility rates in a country. This may not be true.

If politicians claim welfare will solve our fertility rates, ask them to explain this:


a.) European nations offered very generous inducements for decades, but their fertility rates continue to drop. Australia, America and all over Europe, they are all facing falling birth rates, even with high welfare, comfortable climates and a society more open to flexible work.


b.) Countries high on the fertility rate list (See here, include 3rd world states, some suffering from periodic famine and even face bouts of civil violence.


Jokingly, if history had anything to teach us, it would be returning to a 3rd world nation in order to boost fertility rates.

We would like to know why. We want to understand the issues, stories and anecdotes about this.

If you would like to help us in building this article, we would like to meet you for a chat. We want to know the truths behind these questions and see if there is a way to put our society’s concerns at rest and have more babies.

Why are you not getting married? Why did you get married?


Why are you not having children? Why did you have children? Why are you having more children?


One caveat though, before you talk about high prices, stress and work load, have a look at points a. and b. above first, this would help for a more productive discussion.

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