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The article below was sent to us by a person who calls himself “Temasek Review”.

“The PAP needs to improve its communications. It is really letting itself down by not getting their points across clearly. After going through the WP arguments and the PAP riposte, I decided that I should sit down and actually read what is being put out. Now, that was interesting and I surprised even myself.

The amended motion which was passed is actually quite reasonable! I asked around. Most of my friends have not read it either and were surprised when they checked it out.

The White Paper is actually more readable than one thinks. And I realise that while all of us, including myself, are going on about the Government aiming for growth at all costs. It is not the case.

I am glad that they heard the concerns and adjusted the motion.

The future issues are really quite worrying. I have to admit with the amended motion, I actually feel more comfortable with what the White Paper is advocating. Let’s hope the Government executes it better than the way they sold it!”


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