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It is not my desire to lash out at any politician, but I think what was said of Mr. Mah yesterday was disappointing.

What kind of politician would say something like:

  • Singapore needs a bigger population, with better educated citizens and talented non-residents for growth
  • “Where will the revenue come from”? (in response to calls for better infrastructure)
  • Go for the maximum population resources can support

Even reminding us that, “we have done so over the last 50 years, we will do so again” cuts no ice with today’s electorate.

I mean, what are you trying to do? Get voted out quickly? This is no longer the Singapore of the 50s – 90s. Unless you’ve been really, really popular, unless you’ve been selling yourself really well and delivering solutions, speaking with this tough, holier-than-thou attitude will (and I use “will” with conviction) get you out of office faster than you can say “HDB”.

Yes, you can also say something like “vote me out, I don’t care, I get my life back” – but keep saying that and yes, that’s exactly what will happen. TO THE ENTIRE PARTY! And that is not being responsible to say or do, because if you’re not in the mood to run it, get out and let someone who has both the ability and the savvy-ness do so.

You know what the mood is like on the ground, you hear and read about it everyday. The people are upset with packed trains, the trains are upset with being overworked, the overworked are upset with no spending enough time with families, families are not growing because there is no time to date and the date to chose a party to run this country looms closer and closer – and yet you chose to say things like this to hurt feelings further.

But I take heart. This new sitting of Parliament has also shown that the younger generation of MPs are beginning to show signs of showmanship; speaking up for stay-at-home-mothers, elderly residents and even reminding themselves that they have failed to deliver us a “swiss standard of living” – these are precisely the things that the electorate needs to know.

If this paper has been thrown into public domain was for debate, then don’t say things like “…we seek the support and endorsement for the white paper…”

Please my dear politicians. Watch what you say and do with great, great sensitivity. Do practice some showmanship and learn to be more likeable.

Because some of you already have what we call, a “kiam pah” face and perhaps you just don’t know it.




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