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Your Letters

Dear Government,

I dread going to work because of the transportation.  Really.  If I leave my home at 7:30AM, I’ll be caught in the rush hour and sometimes I have force myself into the 3rd train that pulls up or I’ll really be late for work.  And then I’m in this human crush, and it really frustrates and irritates me because I lose my personal space and sometimes my modesty.

When the population white paper was released headlines screamed “population of 6.9m”.  As we are crushed in the trains and reading headlines like these — it’s no wonder there’s a public outcry.  When emotions bate over the weekend and we read the white paper in details, we understand that it’s really a *reduction* in the rate of increase in population growth.

Nevertheless, we can only imagine the crush to worsen in years to come.

Then I have a brilliant idea!!!  Can we renew our focus to encourage companies to allow telecommuting and flexible work hours?

Not everyone needs to be in the office by 9AM.
Some can choose to come in at 7:30 and leave earlier for home in the late afternoons after fulfilling the working hours for the day.  Some can choose to come in at 11AM or even after lunch!

Not everyone needs to be in the office.
Companies can practice hot-desking and establish KPIs that is based on results so employees have the liberty to work where they work best.  Companies save on rental as employees save on commute time and cost.

When I googled, I found this document and realised that MOM and the then MCYS has been promoting this since 2002!,d.bmk

But oh.  The part about flexible work hours and telecommuting should be addressed to “Dear boss,”


Commuting Singaporean


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