The Madmonk speaks: Political Cakup cakup….

Have you seen the internet lately? You can’t scroll past one screen
without reading something politically offensive (whichever side of the
line you sit). But hor, do you agree with me that our Singapore internet
sphere is very, how you say, immature?

Everyday, there will be something on Facebook that implies our country
has crumbled beyond recognition. You will hear how people accuse that
our politicians are spending money wooing women, wine and worldly
pleasures. Our dogs are starving, our buildings are decaying and poor
homeless people throng our streets by the battalions.

Sure or not?

And then what’s worse, the potshots go even deeper: photographs of
politicians daughters and sons splashed all over the internet without a
thought for privacy. Join together pieces of news to make up false
conclusions. Spreading lies that blatantly cannot be true and even
posting IC numbers lah, telephone numbers lah, address lah – all for
supporters to go and create nuisance…and what for right? I personally
am against people attacking the family members of the politicians,
whatever colour they wear. Come on man, what have their families got to
do with anything?

For example, recently I read a post about ex-MP Choo Wee Kiang, who is
being charged in court, and his links to Desmond Choo, the PAP candidate
for Hougang. The article say he was charged only after the elections
because *drum roll* his court appearance will affect By Election
results, especially the Hougang one. Eh brudders…. this is Court not
Courts. You all think judiciary got crystal ball ah? How do they know
both Yaw Shin Leong and Palmer will “tao jiak” kena caught and cause

My message to all the people who like to hantam here, hantam there is
this – please help keep the standard of political discussion high can?
Be professional lah, whack the policy, not the politician, not his
family, not his friends. And argue with facts, thought and thinking can?
I know Adobe is cheap these days, but your Photoshop projects add no
value to political discourse leh.

So are all you people up for the challenge? Be pro Singapore. Think of
jobs, think of the big picture, think about how to keep Singaporeans
happy, keep the idiot Gini numbers low and keep Singapore flying the
flag proudly. Stop thinking about national issues in one person’s point
of view – who don’t want car, house, shopping and work-life balance?
Want! Of course want! But wah lau, we don’t live in a small community of
50 or 100 people leh – there are at least 3m of us and not everyone is
going to have their way.

How? Can?


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  1. When we live within our means cost of living wont be so high.

    We should also respect other people then life will be so much more pleasant.

  2. Let’s appreciate all we have while we still have it, for goodness’ sake! A quick look at the events unfolding in the ‘first world’ countries of Europe plus the USA should have the desired effect. I shudder to think of not only being jobless but ultimately ‘hopeless’ in these countries, where in some places young people (aged 18-25) are witnessing a 50% unemployment rate … that is frightening! Not only because the unemployment rate is appalling, but because along with that younger people face the worse prospect of *unemployability*, and that is truly chilling.

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