Through the grapevine: what are Singaporeans saying about Budget 2013?

Budget 2013

Some hot, some cold – responses to the 2013 budget have not disappointed with the flurry of emotions being tossed around in cyberspace like leftover yu sheng.

FSaaM sieved through hundreds of comments online and discovered seven types of Singaporean reactions.

Which one are you?

*Please note some of the quotes have been edited for readability, and names/nicknames have been removed to conceal the identity of netizens.

The Suspected Towkay:

 “Some businesses have no choice (1) To hire foreign as no Singaporean takers (2) Higher inflation (3) Close down business creates direct impact to overall business environment. Shopping malls got more EMPTY shops, no jobs offering, no tax, no business for suppliers, no choices for consumers, monopoly by big players, decreasing tourists.”

 The Disenfranchised:

 “I am 55 years old, a Singaporean, unemployed due to retrenchment, IT professional and a master degree holder from NUS. Getting a job is difficult even from government agencies and ministries. I am now using my savings for day to day needs. How will I benefit from the budget if I am still unable to get a job? I have been unemployed for more than a year already. I am still supporting my aged parents who are in their 80s. My mum is on kidney dialysis and my dad has no income. What I need is also a job so that I can be less dependent on others.”

The Drama Queen:

“This is the worst budget ever! Highly qualified jobless local PMEs like me have been neglected again!!! For all the talk of controlling foreigner PME, there is no action! When are the EP going to be reduced? When will the Singaporean First policy in employment be implemented?? Where is the new Employment Act?? We have been waiting for it since last year. The government is becoming totally lazy and incompetent. Haiz…”

The Mommy Advocate:

 “Overall, Government displayed significant effort responding to Singaporean’s feedback and agony.

The richer pays more and the poorer/needy receive more is well administered.

However, there is no help extended to housewife whom stayed at home to nurture their young, bringing them to enrichment classes instead of relying on Domestic maids. There is heap of benefits for a child with a stay-at-home mother.

Hope Government could extend more help to this group of housewife whom sacrifice their $5000 income to nurture their children as work-life is not flexible, company penalising on childcare leave, long hours of work to compete with peers, etc.”

The Disgruntled Parent:

“If Gross Family Income more than $7500, there is no additional subsidiary for child care. Did the government consider the number of children from each family also???? Hello, if my Gross household income is $8K but I have 4 kids, compare to one household who earn $7K but have 1 kid only, who needs help more????”

The Optimist:

“This move will encourage companies to seek ways to improve productivity and they have at least three years of help from the government to do that.”

The Enthusiastic Realist:

“Best budget ever!! But regarding the Wage Credit Scheme. If government do not lead to raise salary 1st, private sector will not follow. In the eye of employers, pay more means pay more. No matter gov fund 40% or not. Local business will follow suit and then MNC. If the government sector doesn’t lead first, business will not bother to up wages first. But of course, ministers and top civil servants will not get any increase!”

So folks, which category do you fit into?


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