Your Letters: What is the greatest regret of your life?

Your Letters

The letter below was submitted by “Roger Chen”:

Remember GE 2011? When the press asked Tin Pei Ling and Nicole Seah about what the greatest regret of their lives were?

Well, I was in the train this morning reading my FB updates and saw someone share something from Tin Pei Ling.

Shortly after, someone shared from Nicole Seah.

It was like an epiphany of sorts for me, like someone up there wanted me to draw some conclusions this Friday morning. Hmm.. And then I figured it out – it must be THAT magic question. Remember?

“What is the greatest regret of your life?”

Well, if this post was about me and my regrets, then it would be rather dry and boring. After all, my regrets would be something like: Urm, I shouldn’t have drank that Jack Daniels at Clark Quay secretly when I was 16 years old. Or we shouldn’t have copied some homework in school. Or smoked in school or something like that.

So I thought, since I STILL had a 10 mins train ride to go before I reach my office, why not I do some imaginary role-playing…


Dear Prime Minister, what is your greatest regret?

“I think my greatest regret would be that I did not make a big deal out of the electoral boundaries changes before the GE. Given my formidable skill of eloquence (just ask Charlie Rose of Bloomberg, heh heh heh.. beat ang mo in his game heh heh heh) Today no one remembers that I increased the number of single wards and reduced the number of big GRCs. At that time, even my father called me siao. “Why you make it easy for them oppies?” he screamed. I said, “No lah, we should make these changes to encourage more people to be involved”. And that’s that. Today, people all say PAP lose lah, WP win lah etc etc. No one remember lim peh made the changes leh..”


Dear Minister Chan Chun Sing, kee chiu!, oh sorry, just couldn’t resist that.. What yours eh?

“I tell you ah, I regret using the wrong speech lah… You ask any of my soldiers last time, like those in 2 SIR when I was CO there. Everyone would willing to die for country and for me. Every unit I go to the morale damn high one, dun believe go check. What to do, wrong speech wrong time, and end up kena BBQ lor. Until today people still think I kee chiu all the time.. No one knows I studied at ang mo Cambridge and MIT ok, mai siao siao..”


Dear Minister Lim Swee Say, yours?

“Without a doubt, it must be that stupid Zorro costume! Although it was the idea of some nurses organizing a nurses’ day celebration and it was their way of brightening up the lives of the nurses for the event, if people told me how being that sporting would let people poke fun at me, then I would never lah.. Now see how, cannot turn back the clock anymore and everyday kena hamtam.. Another one I regret is how come I disagree in public about minimum wage. It would be so much easier to just push that and increase my popularity, since everyone thinks it is the silver bullet to solve the low wage worker issues. Rather than go the hard way and push my Progressive Wage Model, I just say implement minimum wage and ho say lah, all problems solved. Why I take tough route right?”


Dear Mr. George Yeo, you think?

“Well, mine’s pretty clear. I was voted out – not because I did a bad job I think, but because people just wanted opposition in parliament. So in other words, results donch matter ya know. So my regrets was to ever have stepped into politics. Should have taken up any one of the offers from the private sector earlier.”


Ooops, toot toot toot toot toot… SMRT says time up liao. Got to go, maybe next one can “regret” a few more people lah! Have a great Friday!

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