Diary of a freelancer

Dear diary…

Slept in again today. Had no meetings and since I’m making up for last week’s lost sleep, decided not to set an alarm. It was almost noon when I finally got out of bed and the sun was very fierce. So I went for a swim—shiok. Couldn’t swim more than 3 laps though.

Note to self: Take some nature and wildlife shots—maybe at Bukit Timah or what—need to expand the portfolio. (Botanic Gardens also can)  

Remember to call the finance lady tomorrow morning. The magazine still hasn’t paid me for last month’s shoot yet — it’s been more than 30 days already lor. Must keep pressing them or else they won’t pay also… so irritating.

Wonder if I could ever demand a cash on delivery system — no money, no work. Hiya, but then they’d probably hire someone else who’ll let them stretch their stupid credit terms! Credit terms… Pui.

Called the car mag HR guy about their ad today—his name is Andy. He sounded quite nice at first but then he changed tone the moment I told him I got no car shooting experience.

He asked me to send him some high shutter speed shots. I asked him Christmas confetti can or not? He didn’t really answer me. Should I go invest time and take some moving car shots for him? It should be quite fun la, but what if he doesn’t give me the job? Waste time.

Oh, almost forgot to say. I finally did the whole company registration thing online last night. That’s why I slept so late also, the website was quite laggy. But it’s done. I’m officially a company and can finally get the web domain name. Time to sort out web hosting and quickly get the site up. Then finally I can print name cards. Which host to use ah? Where to print cards? Wah piang, so many little decisions to make. Nevermind, still learning…

Met Tim for coffee in town just now. He seems to be doing very well with his weddings leh. He said this weekend got two more. Apparently they pay quite well for weddings, plus got Ang Pow if Chinese.

And people are usually happy at weddings (not to mention drunk) so everything is quite easy. Just don’t mess it up or some mad couple nowadays might sue you. Aiya, but that’s as much risk as not getting paid by a company right?

I’m thinking of doing weddings also — it sounds like easy money, and I’m sure I’ll be good at it. But this is not the stuff I started snapping for… I really want to do REAL photography!!!!

I think I’d better start taking more photos and making more contacts. Freelancing is a bit harder than I thought.

Oh yea, Tim was telling me about some new Freelancers’ Association in Singapore. Nowadays there seems to be an association for every type of person. But this should be quite good la. Maybe they will help people like us next time.

And maybe if they had been around earlier, I would have been able to collect on that ad agency that time!

The thought of all that time spent for nothing still makes my blood boil la. I wish I could report them to some board or something. Can you imagine? Refusing to pay because my pictures were “horrible”?!?!? I mean, they had my portfolio, they saw the proofs, they agreed on everything! And then when it came time to pay up, they just dismissed me like a dirty sock.

Oh, how I wish I could afford to sue them… but how to sue? The court fees probably more than the whole bill. And they knows that! Grrrrrrrr

Ok relax. Breathe. Gotta get ready for Sham’s birthday dinner, and remember to take pictures of the food if nice. That place is so atas sure got photo op one. Maybe can use this as practice for weddings. Maybe I’ll be the world’s next greatest wedding photographer! YAY.

Ambition is my middle name. See you later.

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