Interview with Violet Lim of LUNCH Actually

If you’re single and haven’t heard of this agency called “LUNCH Actually”, we would like to invite you to brush up your hair, come out of your cave and welcome you back to the dating landscape!

The dating agency organizes fun and quality dates for busy single professionals in a discreet, fun and no pressure environment. You’ve probably heard enough about what they do, but what about the people behind it?

This magazine had the opportunity to speak with Violet Lim, The CEO and Co-Founder of the LUNCH Actually Group to find out who she really is.

FS: What do you think of how Singaporean men dress?

Violet: Generally they look neat, tidy and presentable but there’s definitely room for improvement. Cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo – men tend to look smarter and better-dressed as they have a jacket culture. In Singapore, many men try to get away with working shirts and pants on working days and polo Ts and jeans on weekends. In my opinion, Singaporean men can definitely be more creative and bolder when it comes to their dress sense. The good news is – the younger generation seems to be leading the way in this fashion revolution.

FS: Where is your favourite place to shop?

Violet: I am actually not much of a shopaholic. I only shop when I need to buy something. Also, I am very blessed that my mum is an amazing tailor. Many of my business suits and evening gowns are made by her! :)

FS: Ok, two favourite colours that you will never get tired of wearing?

Violet: Black as it looks classic, elegant and not to mention its amazing slimming effect! And of course… purple. At least three quarters of my wardrobe is purple. :)

FS: And the perfume that you are wearing right now is…?

Violet: I do not generally wear perfume. When I do, I prefer something that is flowery yet light.

FS: Complete this sentence: This is a fantastic city, but we are not getting enough…

Violet: Love. Everybody is so busy and the pace is extremely frantic. I think most people can really do with a lot more love be it from their spouse, parents, colleagues, friends or even strangers. I wish that as we progressed as a society, other than pursuing economic growth and material wealth, we will also make time to smell the roses, to be a more gracious society and to spend more time with our loved ones.

If you want to hear more from Violet and how she turned her passion into profit, catch her at the  “Future Leaders Summit” on the 15th – 16th of June! Point your browsers here for more information:

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