Hazy weather, healthy working conditions

Amidst the outcries and the anger of the haze, I was really pleasantly surprised to see many workplaces looking out for workers’ well-being.

Many companies in the CBD area allowed employees to go back home early and even passed out masks for people to be safe on their way back home!

Others advised them to work from home and offered to pay for the taxi rides in and out of the office.

This Facebook post went viral in a matter of hours because it showed which companies were the first to react in the interest of their employees!

hazy weather 2

Even fast food companies suspended their lucrative home delivery services to avoid putting their delivery staff at further risk.

hazy weather 3

It’s really heart-warming to witness such solidarity and understanding from employers, especially since no one explicitly requested for any special treatments!

I mean, if people had been yelling and protesting to get employers to have a kind gesture, it wouldn’t have been the same. But employers went out of their way to accommodate for a tough situation none of us is really prepared to confront.

Here’s hoping that the disruptions don’t last much longer and we can all go back to our daily routines.

In the meantime, I raise my glass to all Singapore employers. Keep up the good work!

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