The key to success according to Singapore cabbies

The video above is indicative of something we’ve all known for a while: taxi drivers are full of wisdom.

And how could it be otherwise? They talk to a lot to different people on a daily basis, they stay up-to-date with the day’s events thanks to the radio, and they take the time to think about issues and topics other people don’t bother with.

This video is the perfect example of truth being shared the Singapore way: dropping pearls of wisdom amid random banter and small talk!

“Mai keh kiang… kiang tio hou!”

This businessman-cum-cabbie advises our passenger to act stupid in order to suss out people. By pretending not to know anything, he allows others to speak and leak more of their true selves—so he can ascertain if they’re truly professional or just pretending.

If you think about it, it’s pretty interesting advice, even cunning!

How else can you cut the pretence without actually calling someone out? Especially in the workplace, saying exactly what you think can get you in heaps of trouble!

But isn’t it risky to act dimmer than you really are at work? Isn’t the workplace the one place bosses and peers are constantly evaluating your performance? I’m not sure the perks of playing dumb translate in this instance without foreseeable harm to your career.

I guess if you’re a master manipulator though, you’d know exactly when to play dumb and exactly how dumb to play—just “dumb enough” to get what you want but not too dumb to get double-crossed. A fine art!

The second cabbie’s advice on work-life balance seems pretty sound too!

It’s important to make sure one gets enough rest in a week—although he did say that he only gets two complete rest days in a year.

For self-employed people like freelancers and taxi drivers, achieving work-life balance isn’t always easy. The desire to earn more and the ability to work flexibly can cause people to overwork and deny themselves sufficient rest or family/social time.

And we all know how important work-life balance for personal growth and emotional stability!

So next time you hop on a cab, listen attentively! You may just unlock the meaning of life!

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