The Editor: Bhutan – Happy no more

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Last week, Bhutan saw a change in government because the people (Bhutanians? Bhutanese!) were growing increasingly unhappy and worried. Ironical right! People living in the “happiest place on earth” can also be unhappy.

In the biggest twist since ‘Inception’, remember how the Bhutan government was always so proud to promote their Gross National Happiness (GNH) index? Turns out their happiness index, is the thing that’s making their people unhappy.

In summary, the then Bhutan PM somehow pissed India off. The Bhutan economy is super reliant on India so it’s like when you were young and you pissed your mother off and she cut your allowance. Will gan cheong right? But instead of repairing the ties and fixing the problem, the ex PM just continue to concentrate on promoting the GNH and the country’s happiness. Priest lah a nation of 700,000 cannot survive on happiness and love lor. No wonder kena kicked out.

If you remember in 2011, an MP (don’t say name) led the discussion on Singapore pursuing happiness and not just GDP as a goal. See lah that was what Bhutan did and look what happened. People WERE happy until their economy started facing problems, GDP growth fell etc. Therefore, happiness as a goal is unsustainable. One cannot determine the success of a nation based on those statistics. Besides, I like noodles and they make me happy. Can you say the same for yourself? Your happiness is not mine and we cannot agree to disagree.





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