Breaking: Abuse of 3-year old at My First Skool

My First Skool

News just in. Parents of a 3- year old boy have just lodged a police report against a pre-school teacher for abusing their son; the parents have even released a video(s) of the alleged abuse.

The videos, are (look to be) mobile-recorded videos of the CCTV footage, and are doing their rounds on the blogosphere. It is (looks to be) taken, while the school was sharing it with the concerned parents.

Complete with parent commentary, the videos show a snapshot of a teacher allegedly manhandling a child.

Expectedly, with the words “abuse” and “torture” being brandished about, there is a public outcry for the teacher to be penalized, along with a softer voice asking for empathy for the likely stressed-out professional, who could have problems of her own and/or have been oblivious to the fact that the kid was really in pain.


I’m neither a teacher nor a parent; although I have been a victim of a hairline fracture, have bore the brunt of a teacher’s wrath, and I hope to be a parent and send my kids off to a safe environment of education someday. So part of me is really upset by this incident.

While the social chatter seems to be sparking a perilous trust-journey ahead between “childcare services” vs “world of parents”. The proliferation of social media allowed for the matter to be brought to light so quickly.

I’d just like to say, kudos to the parents for exercising their right to view the footage, and props to the school on complete cooperation – Suspending the teacher immediately and offering full support to the child’s and parents’ mental and physical recovery should be priority. Perhaps next steps should be to investigate the teacher further and to place her in a profession where she will be a happier person.

This magazine will be following up with NTUC My First Skool and will be carrying further developments. Meanwhile, we wish the boy a speedy recovery.





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