Public sector ‘lags behind in pay for rehired staff’

I refer to this article:



I was unpleasantly surprised to find that public servants face cuts of up to 30% when they are re-employed at the age of 62.

What have they done to deserve the pay cut?

Partaking in the natural process of ageing?

Why is the government punishing them for growing old?

It doesn’t feel right since they have many more years of experience and many of them are still capable of making sound and calculated decisions. As a country’s administrator tasked with the responsibility of caring for your labour force, if you don’t want people to take advantage of them, shouldn’t you lead by example?

I am also surprised that it took such a long time to raise the re-employment age from 62 to 65. Why shouldn’t older workers be given a chance to continue working if they are still productive? Are you assuming that the minute they turn 66, they are immediately incapable of cognitive decision making as compared to when they’re 65?

My uncle is full of passion for his job in the maritime industry. Unfortunately he is turning 65 this year and is worried that he will no longer be offered re-employment contracts in future. Even though he is in his 60s, he has been delivering results and keeping up with younger co-workers. He has been working in the company for more than 30 years, and has spoke about his love for his job. Mentally he is still very sharp and for someone who believes that work helps to keep the brain active, retirement is a strange and scary place for him. It is literally making him a little depressed just thinking about how he will not have a chance to choose to continue doing what he loves.

Haven’t we also heard many a leader say that what keeps them going is their love for their work and what they do? So why are we not giving the older, abled workers in Singapore a chance to choose if they want to continue working or if they want to retire and “relak one corner”?

I hope that the government sees the benefits of allowing mature workers to extend their work contracts. They may be older but many are still capable of delivering results, transferring knowledge to the next generation and contributing to the economy.





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