10 things that annoy Singaporeans

In the spirit of the National Day month, I thought it’d be fun to list some of the things that tend to get on Singaporeans’ nerves.

Got one to share? Comment below!

1. NDP songs (and also: why must have a different song each year?!)


Source: screen cap from NDP 2013 Theme Song (I dare you to watch it again!)

The fact that bashing the current NDP song has become a yearly tradition shows that many Singaporeans are becoming harder to please in terms of musical entertainment.

Some would go so far as saying that this is less about musical tastes and more about Singaporeans growing disconnected from traditionally patriotic anthems.

Must our love for Singapore be interpreted in song form? How about changing things up with some poetry, spoken word, visual arts, or even some interpretative dancing?

Whichever the medium chosen, we can all agree that efforts should be made to not make our displays of national pride as cheesy as they can be!

2. Breakdowns


Source: Pole Shift blog

 Living in such a clean and efficient country has spoiled most of us to the point that we’ve become really intolerant at even the smallest of malfunctions.

Whether it’s dengue breakouts, longkang/SMRT breakdowns, or Allan Wu & Wong Li-lin’s breakup, it increasingly feels like we’re easily led into angry frenzies whenever something doesn’t go as expected.

True, when you pay such high prices you can expect the best of services, but that shouldn’t stop us from being forgiving or understanding.

In fact, a well-worded email to a supervisor or a kind reminder to an employee can get better results than an angry and bitter scandal.

3. Public holidays – go Malaysia jam…


Source: Singapore JB Checkpoints Live Traffic Updates Facebook

As with most other public holidays, this past long weekend saw everyone rush to the same holiday spots as everyone else.

And as was expected, everyone started complaining about the long queues, the congested roads, the overpopulated hotels, and the inevitable delays.

Sure, Malaysia is not exactly the most orderly of places, but it’s usually able to handle regular demand.

So is it really surprising if an increased flow of hurried and demanding Singaporeans puts a strain on their services and infrastructure?

4. End of public holidays – …come back also jam! SIAN!


Source: Singapore JB Checkpoints Live Traffic Updates Facebook

What a nice resting holiday. Time to head back home where reality awaits!

Oh, wait, it looks like we’re not only ones trying to make our way home!

Seriously, if the checkpoint or the airport was packed when you left (at the same time as everyone else), is it so surprising to find out it’s packed when you come back (at the same time as everyone else)?

The only thing you can do is sit tight and patiently wait for your turn.

Oh, and rest assured that honking and shoving won’t get you through any faster…

5. Food competition


Source: SingTel

Yes, we all agree that Malaysia has some great signature dishes and some very talented chefs.

But when they start gloating about how they make typically Singaporean dishes better than us, that’s when things get serious!

I mean, sure, their food may be cheaper, but it’s a known fact that our cuisine is like no other!

Need we remind them who beat Gordon Ramsay at that little game? Take that!

6. Long queues




Source: quickmeme

Something we’ve kept from our British heritage is our passion to queue up for just about anything.

Whether it’s food, freebies, admin processes, or getting on the bus, it seems like we spend a big chunk of our days lining up and waiting for our turn.

The thing is, we also love complaining about queueing up, as if the alternative would be any better…

7. ERP gantries


Source: The Straits Times

I don’t know about you, but whenever the ERP Cashcard reader goes *BEEP* I feel like it’s laughing and mocking me, saying “hahaha soon the card will be empty and you will have to feed me your precious dollars!”.

I understand the need for ERP gantries, but in a world where EVERYTHING costs money it just feels like an additional fee that adds up to all the rest.

Maybe if the darn things were silent I’d mind less?

8. Citizen journalism


Source: STOMP

 Our red dot is so small that there are many chances of making into the dreaded headlines of STOMP.

Park like a douche – your car is on STOMP. Wear a revealing top – your face/back is on STOMP. Kepoh much?

If I’m completely honest, I’m constantly on the lookout for people who may be discreetly filming or photographing me, even if I don’t do anything wrong!

Am I paranoid? Or is it just that this “citizen journalism” thing has gotten a bit out of hand?

9. Steven Lim


Source: Hardware Zone forum

 Who can forget this Ah Beng’s strip-tease on Singapore Idol? I certainly, and not a day goes by that I don’t wish I hadn’t…

Yes, the guy is an aspiring superstar and a notorious attention-seeker, but I don’t really understand how and why we rewarded his poor behaviour.

I think future disasters like this could be avoided if we just all agree to ignore such behaviour instead of encouraging it.

10. BOOMZ!


Just watch the video. Need I say more?

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