3D Printer hoh seh!


Brudders. I got new technology to share….


You all know what is 3D printing or not?


No, no no… this is a 4D printer


Ok lah, I sua koo la. Never see 3D printing before. Damn excited. I can print my own handphone cover, my own “toys” and maybe a mercedes logo for my car. (Actually I think someone printed their own car even, but that’s another story)


Ah…THIS is a 3D printer!

Last time this technology is only availaber to those towkays and big business. But nowsadays, it is availaber for people like me.

Ok, don’t say I ah beng, never study. I know what the problems of this technology is ok? I know what is “creative destruction”. You can say that a lot of people will be put out of jobs with this machine – but look on the bright side, jobs are constantly being erased and manpower being shifted to do other better paying jobs.

So yes, although we will be happy that we can print our own Gundam parts and build our own toys, no need to buy. It also means that maybe a lot of jobs at toy making factories such as Matell, Sanrio and Tamiya will be forced to change their business models!



I say no need so gloomy lah. Technology is always there to help make things cheaper, better and faster. But don’t forget it is us HUMANS that made these machines. So whilst one technology shuts down an entire line of jobs, we cannot just sit back and relak. We have to go out and create new jobs for ourselves and our employees!

Anyway, in this time and age, when technology change faster than I change girlfriend, we really cannot sit back relak and wait for yearly increment. Must go out there and learn new thing so that my boss will 珍惜 me more.


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