4 Examples of how one hotel improved productivity

On what differentiates a ‘good’ company from a ‘great’ one, I quote Jim Collins:

“Looking back on our research, what’s most striking to me about our findings is the absence of a magic moment in any of the good-to-great companies…The real path to greatness, it turns out, requires simplicity and diligence. It requires clarity, not instant illumination. It demands each of us to focus on what is vital—and to eliminate all of the extraneous distractions.”

It is not something that happens overnight either. It is about getting the right people who are in it for the long haul, keeping things simple, placing the company and/or staff above self (for leaders) and focusing time and energy on the right things.

In response to a tight labour market amidst a booming hospitality industry with higher volumes of visitor arrivals, 8 hotels stepped up and did what all great companies would do.

They implemented innovative productivity-enhancing ideas. One of them include the Equarius Hotel located in Resorts World Sentosa was one of three hotels, which was accorded ‘Special Mention’ for its array of productivity ideas that made work easier, smarter and safer:

  • Mobile Pantry Buggy:

The hotel’s housekeeping team continuously reviews their daily operations to improve processes, increase productivity and achieve higher Guest + Team Member Satisfaction scores. In the past, staff had to go on multiple trips using the push trolley for daily cleaning tasks.

By replacing it with a bigger ‘mobile pantry’ buggy; more cleaning equipment, amenities and linen supplies required for outdoor cleaning can be packed into the buggy for mobile cleaning. It also has built-in flaps to keep room attendants dry when they have to move around in wet weather. [Easier, Safer]


  • Glass Fixtures Removed:

The minibar counter glass shelf, glass bedside lampshades and glass washroom lampshades were underutilised and have thus been removed. These fixtures collect dust easily and are made of breakable material. Functionality is not compromised upon removing them, cost is saved and workplace injury is prevented. [Easier, Safer]


  • Gaps Covered:

The gap in bed headboard frames and gaps under the vanity counter have been covered. This make cleaning easier, faster and safer as these gaps tend to trap dirt [Easier, Safer]


  • Alternative Floral Decoration:

Alternative floral arrangements in rooms, which help to reduce maintenance time of flowers without compromising room décor theme [Easier, Smarter]


These changes yielded returns for both the hotel and staff:

  • Increase in productivity in the daily cleaning routine and maintenance projects.
  • Increase in the positive feedback and overall satisfaction of guests with shorter waiting time for room turnaround and higher quality of room cleanliness.
  • Higher staff morale as room attendants valued the efforts made by supervisors to improve their work environment and help them be more productive.

As a result, Equarius hotel together with 7 other hotels saved over 55,000 man hours last year. With the man hours saved, staff can devote more time to engaging hotel guests thus enhancing guest experience in these hotels.

For what may seem like a simple step for a hotel, this was a giant leap for the hospitality sector as a whole.

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