Merlion goes hmmmmm

Since my award winning performance on the 9th of August, the NDP organisers have requested that I pen a short note on my thoughts on the parade. After all, I’ve been silently sitting here in the same spot for so long, observing like a creepy stalker. But I have so many thoughts on so many things and most are not parade related. So I decided to vomit it all out, like the water I vomit everyday and call it my… merlion musings.


I’ve watched over this little red dot for about 40 years and so much has changed. When I first moved here, my view was of clear waters and blue skies. Now when I look yonder, I see a ship propped up by 3 sticks. I look around me and there are people everywhere. Every day more and more people take pictures of me and molest me (not that I dislike the attention). It can sometimes be quite overwhelming but I know there is a real need and reason behind the increase. Singapore’s current population is ageing and there aren’t enough youngsters to catch up. If we don’t bring in enough people, there will be no one to fill up certain jobs. Big companies will stop setting up shop in Singapore, our economy will decline and soon we might not be able to maintain the same standards of living as we enjoy now. The gahmen is now moving things around and playing with our space to decongest certain areas. Hopefully, things will be better. Maybe I’ll have to move house too to make way for… something.

Talking about houses, everyone’s talking about houses being pricey these days and I won’t deny that. But if you think about it, there are many grants out there. Could it be that maybe people are unaware of the existing grants? Maybe I should go talk to my MP. There could be a merlion grant or something haha. To be honest at this stage, if the government steps in to say, I am going to regulate property prices to make houses affordable for EVERYONE, people won’t be happy too right? If I can sell my house for $500,000 now, but the government regulates the price to $250,000, I’ll be flipping mad (pun not intended).


Don’t say you all I also have a lot of complaints. Everyday so hot, at night people vomit on me when drunk, even kena struck by lightning once because my position too exposed. But you know what? Whenever I feel irritated with this stupidly sunny and sweaty place, I think about how we were like in the past and how much we’ve progressed since then.

In the past, there were racial riots and unhappiness between races. Now, most of us have friends from a difference race. We have learnt to live harmoniously with one another. In the past, the manufacturing industry was labour intensive. Now, you have machines to do the job for you. You just sit there and press buttons and get more pay for it. In the past, whenever workers were not happy, they will bo dai bo ji strike strike strike. Productivity and operations were affected when work came to a standstill. Now we’ve progressed to settling issues peacefully between employers and employees through unions to avoid affecting operations.


You see, there will always be problems of varying degrees for every country. The “socialist-ish” countries have problems too. Some of them have high youth unemployment rates and structural unemployment. Through the years, Singapore has consistently proven to be able to beat the odds. So I have high hopes and faith in this country. I know that no matter what, if Singaporeans work and stick together, we will be able to overcome all obstacles, get through this “mid-life crisis” and emerge stronger and more successful than before.

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