Singapore’s unique architecture

Do you ever stop to look up at some of the architectural wonders we have in Singapore? If you do, you’ll notice it’s clearer and clearer that Singapore is fast becoming a global capital of incredibly edgy architecture.

From the historical allure of our traditional shophouses to the luxurious modernity of the latest projects, we have it all!

And with the recent announcement of ambitious developments such as Project Jewel, our global reputation is sure to leave other global cities behind!


Here’s a list of some of my favourite buildings in our little red dot. What are yours?

1. The pool shophouse

Ever thought you’d love to live in one of those quaint and spacious shophouses? Ever thought the only way it could be better is if someone managed to build a pool inside it?

Well, wonder no more, for it has been done:


2. PARKROYAL on Pickering

This impressive hotel is not just pretty to look at, it also manages to combine nature, futuristic design, and tasteful chic.


3. The Gateway

Built in 1990, the Gateway is one of Singapore’s most impressive buildings, yet no one really pays attention to it.

Maybe it’s because one has to stand from a certain angle to fully appreciate how the building’s sharply cut angles render the two towers into a startling two-dimensional plane.


4. Parkview Square (aka The Gotham)

Right across from the Gateway is the imposing “Gotham” building, so-called because it strangely resembles one of those buildings in dark Batman movies.

Although it is a modern building, it was designed in the classic Art Deco style to suit the tastes of Mr. C. S. Hwang, a Taiwanese tycoon, who loved the style of 1920s-1930s New York City buildings.


5. Pearl Bank Apartments

One of the last standing “old” buildings of Singapore, this apartment complex exudes retro charm and Feng Shui functionalism (lucky horseshoe building, anyone?).

Completed in 1976, the building was one of Singapore’s pioneers of high-rise, high-density living, and influenced urban development in Singapore.


6. Golden Mile Complex

Call me a sucker for retro design, but there’s something about the grittiness and chaos of this 1966 complex that just gets to me.

Could it be the lively underground Thai culture thriving in the first floor? Could it be the incredible vistas from the balconies facing the Kallang Basin? Could it the sheer magnitude of the construction?

Maybe it’s all three!


Follow these links to find more of Singapore’s prettiest, weirdest, most impressive, or historically-significant buildings!

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