6 Most Unfortunate Singaporean Names

iron fist

Harry Kok

A colleague of mine really does have an uncle named Harry Kok.

I wonder if he likes brazilians.




Pussy Chow

While cold calling prospective clients, a friend of mine came across this rather unique name belonging to a lady in Pasir Ris. Not unfortunate enough?

Call her name out loud.

Surname first.



Nina Gan

Once again: call her name out loud. Surname first.




Batman bin Suparman

He’s the legend of the internet. We’re not even sure if he’s a real person anymore.




Chew Shit Fun

This is not a joke, someone I know really does go by this name.

Call a rose by any other name and it would smell – oh, nevermind.

Hint: The proud bearer of this name is actually a pretty popular local professor at a local tertiary institution.




Lina Boey

Doesn’t it sound beautifully vulgar to you? No? Well, shout the name out loud and clear. To someone you don’t like.






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