Fair Consideration Framework: Yay stupid sibling can find job liao!

When you’re sick of being broke all the time because you’re being paid peanuts, or sick of your boss verbally ‘slapping’ you across the face with his harsh words, or tired of OT-ing because your colleagues are just better at taichi-ing work than you, what do you do? You do what most normal people in the workforce do. Look for greener pastures on sites such as Jobstreet, JobsCentral, JobsDB, LinkedIn etc.

Now there’s a new and FREE kid on the block – the government jobs bank.

Next to Justin Bieber, the new fair consideration framework is probably the most covered piece of Singapore related news on the Internet these couple of days. For those not in the know, what this means is that employers who are looking to hire professionals in managerial, executive or specialised jobs must now advertise in the government jobs bank for 14 days before they apply for Employment Passes (EP) to hire foreign professionals. If you don’t comply, your application for an EP will be rejected.

The Ministry of Manpower is claiming that this is not a “Hire Singaporean First” policy but I don’t understand why they’re being shy about it. To me, it’s clearly a move to uphold our Singaporean core but I guess tomayto, tomahto right?

This couldn’t have come at a better time for my family! Why? Because my lazy-ass 27 year old brother has been bumming around since he graduated 2 years ago. Taking up space and oxygen at home playing video games. The many times we’ve persuaded him to find a job, get some CPF because CPF can buy house, he insists there are no jobs for him because all the positions are being taken up by foreigners! This despite having a business degree at a local university.

Well I’ve got news for you now my dear brother. Now you cannot complain that employers are not begin fair anymore because this framework will ensure that the “good jobs” (aren’t all jobs good? unless you’re in a secret society or something?) are open and transparent for all Singaporeans before the employer applies for an EP. Employers are also required to keep proof that they have done their due diligence in looking for a Singaporean worker.

So good luck dear brother. You can no longer complain that you’ve not been considered for a job because the employers favour foreigners. The system now allows you, as a Singaporean citizen, first dips on white collared jobs. If I can choose a tagline for the Fair Consideration Framework, it’ll be “No more excuses”.

Editor: …and here’s a suitable song for Jai’s story above:

“I only say it cause I care, so please can you stop pullin my hair?
Now now there’s no need to swear, Please don’t despair my dear mon frer…”


  1. I can’t verify what you said, but if it is true, seriously you should give him a good kick on the butt. My parents would have thrown me out of home if I have bump around for even one, let alone 2 years

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