10 ways adding the word “strategic” to your words help you sound like a boss


Need to do something but need to make it sound like a big deal? At a loss of how to sound like a professional? Don’t fret – simply add the word “strategic” to your sentences and you’ll easily sound like someone who has things to do and places to go! We’ll show you how:


 10. I’m having a  necessary, strategic lunch with my friends…


9. We are having a round of strategic golf with our partners….


8. Join us for a round of strategic drinking and entertainment…


7. I need a strategic massage session to de-stress and increase productivity….


6. I bought this new dress for strategic imaging reasons…


5. The yawn was a strategic show of displeasure and boredom…


4. I needed a strategic nap to recalibrate my thinking…


3. The boss needs to give me a strategic wage increase for me to perform better…


2. I need a strategic pick-up line to speak with this fine young lady….


1. Strategically speaking, our company needs strategic strategies to help us strategize our sentences making them sound like a big deal.



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