5 Ways We’d Love To Spend the HPB Women’s Health Grant


The HPB has partnered with the NTUC’s Women’s Development Secretariat (WDS) to promote women’s health via grants. (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/hpb-partners-ntuc-to-help/810042.html)

Here’s how we’d dream of using that money, if it were up to us. Some jokey, some serious, all female-friendly!

 1.     An Aunt Flo Room


A comfortable lounge just for us to offer some relief during our time of the month. The Aunt Flo room will be pimped up with everything we need like chocolate, (Godiva and Valrhona, naturally, dah-ling), day beds to lie down on, fluid-retention tea, hot water bottles for backaches and painkillers for nasty cramps and migraines. Oh and posters of Ryan Gosling. To keep our spirits up!


2.     High-heel injury prevention & therapy


Yes, we are positive that blisters and squished toes counts as a womens health issue! Under this wonderful scheme all of us would receive free high-heel support – lifetime-supply of free Foot Petals [linkto: foot petals] to paste into the balls, heels and arches of our stilettoes. Also, one foot massage per month. These freebies would be completely democratic – Louboutins and Charles & Keith wearers would all receive it.


3.     Lunchtime Yoga Lessons


Ok we’re not kidding, this would boost for morale, it would up improve our health, up productivity and create an office full of bendy people with a zen-like glow. We wil even be so charitable as to allow men to join us, if they dare.


4.     Personal Days


This is common in the UK and US. It supports employees emotional and psychological health by giving them a a few days a year on top of vacation. This act like urgent leave for personal problems, or to attend to urgent family matters. Employers who adopt this will show that they a) trust and care for their staff and b) acknowledge that staff are human, and we all have our issues. We think four days a year is reasonable.


5.     Cupcake Tuesday


Every Tuesday cupcakes will be handed out for free. That is all.






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