5 Worst Dates

Whether you’re male or female, chances are you’ve gone on a terrible date at least once during your dating career. I asked 5 lucky female friends what some of their most “memorable” experiences.


1. El Cheapo




He arranges for a date at McDonalds or cheap ass cafe. He orders the cheapest items on the menu and hints for you do the same. He doesn’t order drinks. When it’s time for the bill, he looks away and hopes you call for it. When he does call for it, he requests to split it down the middle. He carries 5 cent coins so that he could be precise about the split.

“I went on a blind date where the guy was pretty cheap. I didn’t have enough cash on me so he insisted I paid him what I could. The minute I got home, I received an SMS from him with his bank details. He wanted me to transfer him the reminder of what I owed him. A grand total of… $10.” chirped Huimin, 30.


2. Touchy McToucherson




“I went for a movie with this guy that I met through a friend. During the movie he made 3 big moves. Firstly, he tried to hold my hand. I moved my hand away. Then he decided to put his hand on my lap. I got up to go to the washroom. Lastly, after driving me home, he leaned in for a kiss. I siam-ed and slammed the door in his face” said Cindy, 26. “Pervy men are such turn-offs.”


3. The bad dresser




“He wore a douchey tshirt that said ‘I love sluts’, manpris and crocs to an expensive restaurant. I was about to burst into tears.” Vicky, 28.


4. The egomaniac




“Cannot. Stop. Talking. About. Himself.” ‘Nuff said.


5. El Creepo




“He was just a really strange guy. I caught him muttering to himself when I was returning from the toilet. He seemed really nervous but tried to act confident, which made it even stranger. He would ask me things like, ‘hey baby, does this turn you on, if you know what I mean,’ making dinner really really awkward. After awhile, I didn’t know what else to say to him because everything just ended with him making some suggestive statements” cringed Amelia, 33.





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