8 Lies Your Hawker Uncle Will Tell You

We love our hawker centers! And there are some things we will accept and believe no matter what. Here is a list of what these are:


1. That he will actually listen to your less chilli, less oil requests

Suspicious Cat



2. That he has maintained his personal hygiene really well




3. That the plates are well scrubbed and washed with utmost care

Empty plate left on table after dinner



4. That he is the true descendant of THE ORIGINAL Roxy/Katong/Punggol/joo chiat/laksa/nasi lemak/noodles/pohpia



5. That he rubs shoulders with TV stars/MPs/Ministers all day long (and has the photos to prove it)

Chomp Chomp Story


6. That he has won every food award there is to win, courtesy of Greenbook/MakanSutra/Channel 8/Channel U


7. That there is a flavour difference between sweet & sour pork, and sweet & sour chicken


(chicken or pork? chicken or pork? tell me!)


8. That the difference between coffee “siu dai” and normal coffee is small. (One is sweet enough to give you diabetes, one is more bitter than a jaded ex-gf)








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